The typical job hunt is fraught with frustration, second guessing, and the monotony of reading one job description after another until they all seem to blend together. Job candidates are often too hard on themselves, doubting their credentials and qualifications. They may forget to dream about what job they want or ponder what job they could be qualified for, often just searching for the job they’ve always had. 

What if all that could change?

What if the candidate experience could be a positive and transformative one? What if we could remove self-bias, and set candidates free to find the right job based on their skill set and previous experience? 

What if the candidate didn’t even have to job search at all?

Reducing the Job Hunt from Months to Seconds

These aren’t merely hypothetical questions. All of this is actually possible through powerful artificial intelligence technology. Using’s Talent Experience, candidates can simply drag and drop their resume and receive instant job recommendations with their match scores. 

Deep learning algorithms scan a candidate’s resume and deliver immediate results. Candidates receive a message such as “Based on your skills and experience and previous job titles, and comparing to our 1.4 billion resumes, here are the jobs that you’re a great or good fit for.” The software matches the candidate with a list of possible positions, including their top matches, and provides meaningful insights as to why they are a good fit.

Eliminating Limiting Self-biases

Many times, especially amongst the female candidate population, it’s easy to form a self-bias, thinking “I’m not good enough,” or “I don’t have the right skillset.” Candidates may self-select out of jobs for which they are qualified or mostly qualified, because of such concerns. With, that bias is removed, because job candidates receive a list of positions for which the software can demonstrate their qualifications. This opens up a world of possibilities they may not have previously considered.

The Talent Experience by continues to revolutionize the candidate experience by also helping them discover insights about past successful candidates, see future co-workers, and determine any professional overlaps. Users can further refine results using advanced features to filter their search results or discover related jobs quickly.

Applying is even simplified with Talent Experience! Candidates can validate their information, answer any pre-screening questions, and easily apply for positions in just a few clicks. has a bold mission: to “find the right career for everyone in the world.” With the powerful Talent Intelligence Platform they have developed, they are well on their way. Request a software demo to learn more about how this transformative platform can help your existing and potential employees maximize their careers and contributions with your organization.

About the Author: Lori Marra

Lori focuses on designing and optimizing solutions for business application and processes for Blue Crab Consulting clients. Over more than two decades, she has honed her ability to drive HR business transformation through process re-engineering and HR software solutions.