Hiring season has arrived and you’ve just been handed lofty hiring goals with an aggressive timeline. So, what’s next? 

Like many, you begin with a frantic call to your agency or media vendors. Typically, this is when questions begin swirling: Do billboards still work? Are there any hot new tools or job boards we can leverage? Which vendor should we partner with for hiring events? Is radio a viable channel? Programmatic, what is that?

New phrases and technology are constantly surfacing, and keeping up with it all has its challenges.  

Finally, the various media channels are agreed upon, and media contracts and creative assets are expedited. Let’s face it, there is no time to waste. 

Before you know it, you are inundated with applicants. So many in fact that industry standards suggest only about one third can be reviewed. What about the other two-thirds of applicants your paid media has attracted? All of those candidates want to work at your company, but instead, they are ghosted. This is not because they are unqualified; rather, it’s because you don’t have enough hours in the day or tools in the kit to efficiently make it through all the applications. 

Regardless, you manage to meet your goal just in time, filling the role with qualified candidates who checked the boxes. Then, in the blink of an eye, the season is over and offboarding begins. Fast forward six-months and the cycles start over again. The only variable is the rising cost of media. 

What if we changed this media-first approach and added a new first step to seasonal hiring? 

Introducing talent rediscovery, the clearest way to capitalize on your existing assets. Tap into your continuously expanding talent pool, inclusive of candidates, applicants and alumni. Instantaneously access the millions of potential employees who already expressed an interest in your organization. Engage with alumni and easily rehire that rockstar talent you had on the team last year.

Does this idea sound impossible? Does it sound exhausting? Searching a large volume of records within stagnant databases, many that are now considered outdated, would be tedious. It hasn’t been your strategy for a reason. This is why most companies start with media and miss a critical opportunity to rediscover the qualified talent readily available to them.  

The key failure of many large organizations is dismissing the idea of cost-efficient and sustainable talent rediscovery without considering there is a better way of doing it. What if we told you there is a way to access all this talent in one simple, user-friendly interface? 

You have the ability to source and screen millions within seconds and identify the right talent with a capability to engage candidates, applicants and alumni, invite them to apply or cultivate relationships and keep them warm.  It’s possible to expand this network even further by easily integrating external data to keep these profiles continuously and automatically refreshed, ensuring you’re always searching against their latest skills sets and capabilities and their future potential.   

All of this is possible with Eightfold AI, the Talent Intelligence Platform. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, it is already revolutionizing hiring and retaining talent capabilities. Talent rediscovery is just one of the powerful ways that Eightfold ai can support clients in high volume hiring. 

Check out this recent webinar where Blue Crab Consulting sat down with Eightfold AI and Postmates for a roundtable discussion about talent acquisition challenges for retailers in the holiday season.

About the Author: Kelly Rasmussen

Kelly is responsible for the delivery of specialized implementation services for the business. She has led hundreds of clients through implementations, truly revolutionizing their talent strategies through her thought leadership and meticulous program and project management expertise.

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