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More Strategy, Less Slog: AI to Decrease Manual HR Tasks

By |2021-01-27T16:28:01-05:00January 21st, 2021|Blue Crab Consulting,|

The current wait time for a Peloton bike is nearly three months. Two years ago, connected fitness barely existed, and today, Peloton – the billion-dollar company credited with jump-starting the trend – is synonymous with it. Peloton’s success is based on leveraging holistic, at-home programming and intelligent software to drastically improve workout efficiency.

If you read our last post, you know why artificial intelligence (AI) is finally poised to transform the human resources (HR) industry. Much like Peloton did for the exercise industry, AI solutions have entered the HR space, not just as new technology, but as fundamental enablers for intelligent efficiency improvement. 

But what, specifically, does that look like on a daily basis for current AI adopters? And what can AI do that your current software can’t?

We Already Use HR Software, Why Do We Need More?

The last big […]

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Why Has Artificial Intelligence Finally Arrived in the World of HR?

By |2021-01-13T16:54:32-05:00January 11th, 2021|Blue Crab Consulting,|

Seemingly overnight, we went from imagining a world of robots and artificial intelligence (AI) to existing in such a world. Our acceptance of and reliance on AI is apparent when we turn on Netflix, log into Amazon (does anyone actually ever log out of Amazon?), avoid junk email thanks to AI-supported spam filters, and enjoy the luxury of autonomous driving. There are also many AI-powered applications that aren’t as obvious and are hidden in a layer of technology, such as speech recognition and trading algorithms. Artificial intelligence has fully arrived in our consumer lives.

Now that we’ve acknowledged the innumerable facets of our world subtly bolstered by AI, it’s time to discuss its impact closer to home, or rather, the workplace. Certain advancements have enabled AI to play an increasingly important role in the human resources (HR) industry. How will these advancements impact […]

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Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Landscape of HR

By |2021-01-04T17:31:26-05:00December 22nd, 2020|Blue Crab Consulting,|

The last years in the HR tech space have been very exciting! Technology advances continue to positively impact employees, HR professionals and strategic objectives directed by CHROs. In many cases, HR systems for Talent Acquisition, Talent Management and Workforce Capabilities are being modernized and further integrated to create a seamless experience for HR, employees, and outside candidates. The team at Blue Crab Consulting has been part of the change for more than 15 years, and we have guided our clients’ HR strategies for best possible business outcomes. Now the new wave of innovation is arriving, and many HR professionals want to know: What’s next and how will it affect my HR business?

Recent and upcoming innovations are mainly driven by advances in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. Since the field of AI is an unfamiliar area of expertise for many HR professionals and questions abound regarding how to decide on or implement […]

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The Candidate Experience: As Easy as Drag and Drop?

By |2020-12-22T11:38:41-05:00December 5th, 2020|Blue Crab Consulting,|

The typical job hunt is fraught with frustration, second guessing, and the monotony of reading one job description after another until they all seem to blend together. Job candidates are often too hard on themselves, doubting their credentials and qualifications. They may forget to dream about what job they want or ponder what job they could be qualified for, often just searching for the job they’ve always had. 

What if all that could change?

What if the candidate experience could be a positive and transformative one? What if we could remove self-bias, and set candidates free to find the right job based on their skill set and previous experience? 

What if the candidate didn’t even have to job search at all?

Reducing the Job Hunt from Months to Seconds

These aren’t merely hypothetical questions. All of this is actually possible through powerful artificial […]

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Talent Rediscovery and High Volume Hiring

By |2020-12-28T19:01:42-05:00November 4th, 2020|Blue Crab Consulting,|

Hiring season has arrived and you’ve just been handed lofty hiring goals with an aggressive timeline. So, what’s next? 

Like many, you begin with a frantic call to your agency or media vendors. Typically, this is when questions begin swirling: Do billboards still work? Are there any hot new tools or job boards we can leverage? Which vendor should we partner with for hiring events? Is radio a viable channel? Programmatic, what is that?

New phrases and technology are constantly surfacing, and keeping up with it all has its challenges.  

Finally, the various media channels are agreed upon, and media contracts and creative assets are expedited. Let’s face it, there is no time to waste. 

Before you know it, you are inundated with applicants. So many in fact that industry standards suggest only about one third can be reviewed. What […]

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