Wilmington, North Carolina — September 26, 2023 — Blue Crab Consulting, LLC, a premier leader in human resources consulting, announced today a significant expansion of its AI-driven HR solutions strategy. Building on its reputation as the preferred partner for delivering Eightfold’s AI-driven talent intelligence platform to world-renowned brands, Blue Crab Consulting is setting its sights on an ambitious goal: to deepen its role in the AI ecosystem. This strategic direction emphasizes collaborations with a diverse range of AI innovators, aiming to optimize HR processes, drive advanced talent strategies, and enrich the employee experience.

As the global landscape shifts towards a greater integration of AI in HR, Blue Crab Consulting is leading the way, ensuring clients have access to state-of-the-art tools tailored for modern HR imperatives.

Highlighting this strategic initiative is its recent partnership with MakeShift and the company’s innovative AI platform, ShiftMate AI. This solution promises a paradigm shift in employee scheduling, bridging organizational demands with employee well-being in an unprecedented manner.  Likewise, Blue Crab will be expanding its offering with the Bryq talent intelligence platform to accelerate soft skill assessment for new hires and internal mobility.

Blue Crab Consulting’s Managing Partner, Dr. Brian Fieser, commented on this strategic expansion, stating, “Our journey with Eightfold.ai has been a resounding success. By extending our partnerships to other AI-enabled software vendors like MakeShift and Bryq, we’re poised to offer clients an even richer array of tools and services, allowing them to excel in the realms of talent strategy and employee experience.”

Highlighted offerings in Blue Crab Consulting’s enhanced ecosystem include:

  • Vendor Partnerships: Collaborations with various AI-enabled software vendors will broaden Blue Crab Consulting’s portfolio, allowing clients to effectively customize their HR technology strategies.

  • Comprehensive Implementation and Managed Services: The firm is committed to providing end-to-end support when implementing AI-driven software. This ensures smooth integration and alignment with client objectives and includes specialized strategies for change management, user adoption and ongoing support within the AI domain.

  • Skill-Based Talent Solutions: Blue Crab Consulting’s expertise in skill-based talent solutions, refined through its partnership with Eightfold.ai, will continue to be a central pillar of its services. These solutions aim to match skills and talent strategies with organizational needs, driving workforce optimization.

  • Enhanced Employee Experience: The expanded ecosystem is dedicated to improving the employee experience, using AI to foster engaging, personalized, and efficient work environments.

Blue Crab Consulting extends an invitation to organizations worldwide, encouraging them to leverage its expertise and join this transformative journey, aiming to redefine HR standards in this AI-driven era.

For more information on Blue Crab Consulting’s AI software vendor partnerships in HR or to discuss potential collaborations, please visit www.bluecrabconsulting.com or contact Lynda Rodriguez at Lynda.Rodriguez@bluecrabconsulting.com.

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Blue Crab Consulting, LLC is a preeminent human resources consulting firm that collaborates with organizations worldwide to optimize their HR practices. With a commitment to innovation, skill-based talent strategies, and a proven track record in AI-driven HR solutions, the company is dedicated to reshaping the future of HR technology.

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